Aftown Mall is the place where you connect, discover and shop unique products from your favorite African entrepreneurs. 

We are on a mission to connect global consumers to uniquely designed, quality, everyday ‘Made in Africa’ products. We envision a new world where purchasing products made in Africa becomes a new norm for people all over the world.


Aftown is a global brand, widely known for ‘Aftown Music’, the music streaming app that has more than 64,000 registered users with daily page viewers of more than 1.3 million.

In partnership with The VGC Group LLC., a leading global digital consultancy specializing in eCommerce and international exports with offices in New Jersey, Michigan and Ghana, we have launched the pilot of our new platform, Aftown Mall.

With Aftown Mall, we are creating the only place online where 54 African nations look like one big shopping town.


1. The Aftown brand seeks to give people the whole African experience – from African Music to shopping products straight out of Africa.

2. Aftown Mall brings a whole new digital experience for African entrepreneurs. Unlike other online marketplaces that simply focus on sales commissions, Aftown Mall takes entrepreneurs and transforms their brand and takes them to a whole new level of business.

3. Run by marketing experts, Aftown Mall aims to lead African entrepreneurs to a place of independence. Entrepreneurs are supported by the team to increase their revenue, so they can expand and provide for their families and the people they employ.

4. Aftown Mall is a place for people who want to experience real products and great innovations from Africa. Raw materials from Africa are sourced and turned into great products that anyone can use, such as Shea Butter, Ghana Cocoa, Kenyan teas, African arts, Nigerian fashion, etc.

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