While some are deeply proud and can’t wait to tell you about their ‘Year of Return’ trip, many of us couldn’t just get up and leave for Africa. 


We’ve had many things to consider – our jobs, our children, our finances, etc. For many of us, it is not that easy to take a leave from work and make our children miss school for an extended period of time. Moreover, not all of us have the finances to afford such a trip! We have bills to pay and they just keep coming. So, a ‘Year of Return’ trip was simply out of the question. 


Though we can’t make it to Africa, we can still join the ‘Year of Return’ movement and trace our roots and connect with our African heritage. Through today’s eCommerce technology, we can see, touch, and smell products handcrafted by African makers and artisans, no matter where we are in the world. This is made possible through Aftown Mall, a unique eCommerce website which connects global consumers to uniquely designed, quality, everyday products ‘Made in Africa’.


Aftown Mall is the only place online where 54 African nations look like one big shopping town. Here, anyone can get authentic African products and connect with African makers and entrepreneurs by reading their stories and supporting their passion and creativity. 

Shop this Beautiful Akuye Bead from Ghana

From their hands to ours, these products were made in the way of African tradition. Purchasing these products not only connects you with African grown materials and creativity, but also ensures that these traditions will live on wherever in the world you might be.