Seller’s Agreement

This draft agreement is subject to change as the Aftown Mall program develops throughout the
pilot phase and beyond.


1. Listing Products

No Listing Fee

There will be no listing fee for any product listed on your Aftown Mall shop page. Once a product
has been listed, it shall be listed on Aftown Mall indefinitely until you decide to deactivate your
listing on your account, or if the Aftown Mall Management deems that the current listing does
not comply with Aftown Mall policies.

You will provided with a website manual to know how to edit your dashboard. Use this link to got to your dashboard and check all your orders, products uploaded and other analytics available. It is very important because we may need you to navigate your own website. Direct all enquiries to

Listing Approval

Prior to listing, Aftown Mall Management will assess each product for global readiness. Upon
approval, it will determine the Aftown Mall Price Point which is computed as follows:

Seller Price Point + Premium (TBD) = Aftown Mall Selling Price

The Aftown Mall Selling price must be acknowledged by the seller and Aftown Mall
Management. The seller must express full acknowledgement of the premium prior to the listing
of any product on the site and/or start of promotion of the products listed on site.

As part of quality control, you will need to bring samples of every product listed on the
website to be tested. If your product size is big, sample portions of it will do. Products
may also need to be sent to be placed in the US office for additional promotion
opportunities. Aftown would need to keep a copy of every product on the website for
additional marketing purposes.

2. Sale of Products

Use of Premium

For each sale, the premium shall be channeled into the following funnels at the discretion of
Aftown Mall Management but not limited to:

  • Marketing Campaigns (i.e. Google Ads, Lead Generation)
  • Market Analysis
  • Aftown Brand Awareness
  • Digital Strategies and Business Consulting


Receiving Payment

Aftown Mall Management will take 22% of total sales revenue and deposit the remaining 78% of
your total sales revenue (based on Aftown Mall Price) into your account monthly. The
entrepreneur has the option to receive money through the following:


  • Bank Transfer 5 USD - average 10-14 days to deposit
  • Transferwise to Mobile Money Wallet or Bank Account (Price determined by country) - 24 to 48 hours to deposit (typically within a week)
  • Other forms of payout outs will be shared throughout the course of pilot


Payouts are contingent upon ensuring all paid customers for the payout month have received

products and there are no outstanding complaints.

Sale and Payment Currency

All products listed on Aftown Mall shall be sold in USD (US Dollars). All sellers will receive their
sales revenue in USD as well.

3. Delivery

Please lookout for the email you used in signing up for Aftown Mall as you will get notifications when a sales come in. This is very important because it will reduce the need to for late deliveries hence bad negative reviews.

The seller will be in charge of the delivery of each sale. Seller must deliver products to Aftown
Mall pick up location within set time frame after purchase.

Drop off Location on tentative days of the week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays by 12

BBnZ Live
Keta Close
Ring way, Accra

Delivery costs will depend on your origin, the destination, and the weight and dimensions of
each package.

Currently, Aftown Mall is using the following couriers:
1. DHL
2. FedEx


Aftown Mall Marketing Materials for Packages

Aftown Mall Management will provide strategic marketing materials to place inside of orders.


4. Data-sharing

Aftown Mall will provide sellers Market Analysis opportunities to further support their business.
More than just an eCommerce site, Aftown Mall is a unique approach to supporting
entrepreneurs within the African continent. It is a digital incubator that aims to increase exports
and provide a sustainable livelihood for African entrepreneurs and the communities they impact.
It prepares and positions African entrepreneurs for global readiness.

The seller, on the other hand, agrees to provide and allow Aftown Mall Management to use
relevant information for marketing promotions.

1. Recent sales

“Shea butter from Ghana just sold in Germany.”

2. Customer feedback

“Testimonials: I loved the Shea Butter I purchased from Aftown Mall! ”

Additional data-sharing requests may be made throughout the course of the pilot.

5. Disputes

Returns and Exchanges Policy

Aftown Mall has a no-refunds policy, but encourages sellers to offer exchanges or store credit
when products are deemed to be defective. Buyer requests for exchange or store credit must be
made within the first seven (7) days of the delivery of the order.

Before any exchange, store credit or replacement product is honored, the buyer needs to show
proof of defect and damage via video or photos, and sometimes a video call with customer
services. The seller reserves all rights to decide whether the product(s) are in fact defective. The
seller will not honor store credits, replacements or exchanges if the buyer has already used the
product(s) and caused the defect.

Recurring requests for returns and exchanges from buyers may forfeit a sellers membership on
Aftown Mall platform. Aftown Mall Management request a max of 24 hours to respond to inquiries
and communication from buyers on the platform.




Last Updated January 28, 2021