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Satin-lined Pre-tied front knotted headband handcrafted by women in Ghana using African wax print. The knot can be adjusted tightening or loosening for a good fit.

It also has an elastic at the back and it can be used as a sweatband to hold your hair out of your face. This accessory can be used as an accessory for that African look.


About Vielong

The word “VIELONG” signifies beauty in dagaare, a local Ghanaian language. Vielong can mean different things to different people but for us, Vielong comes from our heart. We see Vielong in every person, in nature, in our culture, in our craft etc. This reflects in the way we relate to our employees, our customers and to our environment. 

At the heart of Vielong Creations is delivering  quality, well-constructed, functional, African-inspired garments  and fashion accessories to our customers in a timely manner. We blend the beauty and vibrancy of our African prints with contemporary fashion. This can be seen in our collections. We also upcycle most of our watse into gift items. 

 All our collections are handmade by Ghanaian women within our community, some of whom are single mothers who need to fend for themselves and their children. We also produce for boutiques and other designers as well as uniforms for corporate organizations, all in the bit to continuously provide livelihoods for our women. 

Being aware of the living standards of the people in the rural community that we operate from, we intend to contribute to the achievement of SDGs 1,5  and 8, through employment creation. 

My aim is for Vielong Creations to produce garments and fashion accessories using sewing techniques that meet international standards, which  can compete anywhere in the world in terms of fit, finishing and quality. 

I am also aware of the potential of the fashion industry to offer employment to thousands of people thereby bridging the poverty gap. This is at the heart of whatever we do. 

I invite you to come on this journey of bringing well-constructed African fashion to the world while bringing people out of poverty with me. 


  • Rosalyn Darcha