Always at the forefront of new technologies and trending discussions, The VGC Group was present at the 2019 Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS) held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last November.

The VGC Group Chief Marketing Officer, Naomi Jordan Cook, led and moderated the Summit’s eCommerce session.

“eCommerce is a tool that helps drive economic development,” says Cook. “It provides a new revenue source for small to medium-sized businesses across the continent of Africa. Because of this, the opportunities in Africa are endless and everyone can benefit, especially our urban communities in the US.”

Chief Operating Officer W.E. Da’Cruz, on the other hand, was part of the eCommerce panel together with the following distinguished panelists: Abiy Selassie, Founder & CEO, Addis Mercato; Omosalewa Adeyemi, Head of Global Partnerships and Expansion, Flutterwave; Endashaw Tesfaye, Executive Director, MOSS ICT.

“Various stakeholders in Africa are still trying to figure out how to navigate through the digital transformation and the digital economy that is taking place right before our eyes; this is where we bring value, specializing in eCommerce,” notes Da’Cruz. Da’Cruz shared about how The VGC Group engaged with Amazon, Google, and the U.S. Department of State to open doors for African businesses.

Prior to the Summit, The VGC Group engaged with various African businesses in Ethiopia and across Africa for its new eCommerce venture, Aftown Mall. Aftown Mall is a digital incubator designed to position, promote, and make African-based products profitable in the global marketplace. It allows global consumers to have access to uniquely designed and high-quality products made in Africa.

“Through the Aftown Mall platform, we can help stimulate the economy of African countries and encourage trade both inside and outside the continent,” explains Da’Cruz. “We’ve figured out a unique way to connect African-businesses with the human capital on the US side to support with market analysis and marketing campaigns. This is a priority need for SMEs to thrive.”

The AFTS eCommerce Session was a success thanks to the efforts of The VGC Group and all the participating panelists.

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